Meet the Team

Lindsey & Ian Little

Ian and Lindsey first learned to dance in York, England, while Lindsey studied her Masters degree in Medieval Studies during 2008-9. Their first teacher, Russell, was a fellow student and former competitive dancer from South Africa. Russell created a small dance teaching venture in York to earn some extra money while studying his PhD.

While Lindsey was happy and excited to support Russell’s pursuit, Ian was initially apprehensive. Lindsey successfully convinced Ian to try one of the classes, which he found quite enjoyable. Ian and Lindsey soon took up private tuition with Russell, and continued to learn until they returned to Australia.

Upon returning to Australia, Ian and Lindsey had a period away from dancing before Ian proposed in April 2012. After this, a new studio with new instructors was needed for the bridal dance. However, this time, it was Ian who convinced Lindsey to take up dancing once again.

After finding Long-Steps, Ian and Lindsey began attending classes together, and then started having private tuition sessions to commence their bridal waltz. Their bridal dance was set to Runaway, by the Corrs, and choreographed by 2 time Australian champion and then Long-Steps owner, Carla Long.

While perfecting their bridal dance, Ian and Lindsey continued to study other dance styles until their wedding in October 2013. After tying the knot, they had another, much shorter, period away from dancing. In February 2014 Ian and Lindsey returned to Long-Steps hungry for more and have not looked back.

Through 2014 Ian and Lindsey worked hard on their dancing. They progressed from the beginner to advanced classes and increased their private tuition with Carla, and later Ian Long. In December 2014, Ian and Lindsey successfully completed their first Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) medal in Modern Ballroom.

In 2015 Ian and Lindsey accepted an offer from Carla and Ian to take over Long-Steps when they retired. Through late 2015 and early 2016 Ian and Lindsey stepped up their own dance training yet again. They started taking classes and instructing private tuition sessions. On July 1 2016 Ian and Lindsey formally took over Long-Steps.

After resisting suggestions to change the business name to Little-Steps, which they thought was a bit crèche-like, Ian and Lindsey rebranded Long-Steps with a new logo and monogram and set to work increasing the business’s online and social media presence.

During the first 12 months of operating Long-Steps, Ian was still working full time at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and studying an online certificate IV in web design technologies. Despite the heavy workload, both Ian and Lindsey continued their lessons with Carla and Ian working hard on their own dancing and teaching skills, as well as different choreography techniques.

In December 2018 Ian and Lindsey successfully completed their Licentiate Diploma’s in Modern Ballroom and Latin American dance teaching from the CSTD and have gone on to choreograph 3 new sequence dances specifically for beginners; the Jango Jive, Salt Dog Samba, and Tulidil Waltz.

Ian and Lindsey have never danced competitively, preferring to dance for self-enjoyment, fitness, and fun. They are proud to operate Long-Steps as a socially orientated studio where students can learn and excel in a non-competitive environment. Despite their non-competitive outlook, Ian and Lindsey enjoy advancing students through their own personal dancing goals, including the study of CSTD medals, and other qualifications.

When not dancing, Ian enjoys playing competitive chess and is heavily involved in chess administration. Ian has also established a small business entitled Incy Wincy Web Solutions which helps small businesses achieve their desired website and other online goals. Lindsey is the proud author of James Munkers: Super Freak, and James Munker: Freak of Nature. Lindsey is currently working on several other novels, and is also a proud advocate and passionate volunteer for RESULTS Australia.

Michael (Mick) Allott & Muriel Morillon

M & M.jpg

Mick and Muriel met at a Modern Jive dance class in Sydney. They teamed up for a competition and have been together ever since.  Over the years Mick and Muriel have also been keen students of the Latin American dance styles, and have competed in this dance form as well.

Mick and Muriel started teaching Modern Jive to beginners, and then more advanced students before progressing to running a local venue. They taught on the northern beaches of Sydney, and also ran monthly weekend classes in Newcastle before moving the Tasmania in 2006.

Mick and Muriel started attending classes at Long-Steps Ballroom Dancing with Ian and Carla Long, and soon after established a class of their own. Mick and Muriel continue to run their Freestyle Jive Class under the Long-Steps banner.

Outside of dance, Mick and Muriel are keen supporters of the arts through both the Theatre Royal and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. They are also keen fitness fanatics, keeping fit using Dance, Cycling and Fin Swimming. This form of swimming involves the use of a monofin, used with a “butterfly” style kicking action to propel you through the water and breathing through a front mounted snorkel. A rather extreme sport, but with a great element of speed.