Viennese Waltz

Just think of that classic image of women in white dresses and long white gloves and gents in gleaming tuxes and bowties spinning round and round a magnificent ballroom together, and you’ve got a good idea of the Viennese Waltz. It’s fast, technical and you can feel a bit dizzy at first, but once you get the hang of it all that hard work turns into something effortless and exhilarating!

Learn the Viennese Waltz at Long-Steps

We’ll take you through all the steps from scratch. Even if you have never danced before, we will show you how. You do not need a partner to learn the dance, your instructor will dance through it with you.

Long-Steps currently teaches the Viennese Waltz periodically during our Advanced Classes, and by Private Tuition.

Long-Steps teaches the Viennese Waltz according to a combination of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) Dance Examinations Board’s Viennese Waltz, and Neville Boyd’s New Vogue Sequence Dancing and the Viennese Waltz.

History of the Viennese Waltz

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Technical Details

Time Signature: 3/4
Musical Selection: Waltz
Tempo Range: 58 to 60 bars per minute

Additional Information