Social Dances

Turn the music up, turn the lights down, and let's dance the night away. Our social dances are all about having fun, making friends, sharing some supper, and of course, dancing - always the dancing. Every now and then we spice up our regular social evenings and indulge in such things as Masked Balls, Spooky Halloween playlists, themed nights of various sorts, and of course the annual Christmas social.

For people who are new to dancing the socials are a great way to see what other dances are out there to look forward to. You can also meet other dancers and, if you ask nicely, they might take you around the floor. For the more experienced dancer the socials are the place to be when it comes to strutting your stuff around the floor, and you know there's nothing worse than not dancing.

All our regular socials dances include supper with tea and coffee, are $15 per person, and run from 7:45pm to 10:15pm. So, with great music, big personalities, friendly smiles, and tasty food, where would you rather be? For more specific information, including days, locations and more, follow the links below.