New Vogue

New Vogue is an Australian set of sequence dances, meaning everyone dances the same steps at the same time. They originated in the 1930s and have become an important and popular set of dances, both on the competitive and social floor. Unlike Modern Ballroom, New Vogue dances include movements that separate the dancers from each other and include a range of different holds as well.

The New Vogue dances all fall into one of four style categories: the March, the Viennese Waltz, the Slow Foxtrot, or the Tango. Because the steps to these dances are already set, beginner dancers often find them easier to pick up than Modern or Latin dances where the routine isn’t set and so relies on a strong lead and an able follow. Having said that, some New Vogue dances are more challenging than others and require some previous dancing knowledge. With such a range of styles and difficulty levels, there’s something in New Vogue for everyone.


March Rhythm

With the Evening 3 Step and the Gypsy Tap being the only 2 March Rhythm dances, this rhythm certainly is the baby of the New Vogue family; however, it’s a very important one for new dancers. With a strong 1-2-3-4 beat and not very many complex moves, these dances are easy to learn and easy to style, making them great introductory level dances for beginners.

Long-Steps currently offers Evening 3 Step and Gypsy Tap in the beginner class, and by private tuition.

Slow Foxtrot Rhythm

When it comes to New Vogue, the Barclay Blues, Carousel, Charmaine, Excelsior Schottische, and Merrilyn all have Slow Foxtrot roots. With a trademark smooth feeling, these dances are very popular with dancers of all levels of experience. The 5 dances range in difficulty offering something for everyone from beginners to the more advanced dancer. Easier dances, like the Merrilyn or Charmaine, are fast and easy to learn, while the more advanced dances, like the Barclay Blues or Excelsior Schottische, include more complex movements that are more challenging to learn.

Long-Steps currently offers Carousel, Charmaine, and Merrilyn in the beginner class, and the Barclay Blues and Excelsior Schottische in the advanced class. All dances are taught by private tuition.

Tango Rhythm

The La Bomba, Tangoette, and Tango Terrific all feature the sharp staccato nature of the standard ballroom tango, with a New Vogue sequence. The Tangoette is a great beginner level Tango with a strong T-A-N-G-O beat. The La Bomba, and Tango Terrific are more complex and feature notable moves such as the wheel, spiral turns, swivels, and telemarks. However, these more complicated movements only serve to make these dances even more popular.

Long-Steps currently offers Tangoette in the beginner class, and the La Bomba, and Tango Terrific in the advanced class. All dances are taught by private tuition.

Viennese Waltz Rhythm

While the obligatory 1-2-3 Waltz timing features in the Viennese Waltz Rhythms of the Lucille Waltz, Parma Waltz, Swing Waltz, Tracie Leigh Waltz, and Twilight Waltz, they share little else in common with the Modern Ballroom Viennese Waltz. Generally danced several bars per minute slower, all of the New Vogue Waltzes feature moves that separate the dancers, see them dance in different holds, and never feature both natural and reverse waltz in the same dance. However, it is exactly these differences that make these dances popular. With less of a focus on pure technique, and more of a focus on style, grace, and enjoyment, the Viennese Waltz Rhythm New Vogue dances are a hit with dancers of every level.

Long-Steps currently offers Parma Waltz in the beginner class, and the Lucille Waltz, Swing Waltz, Tracie Leigh Waltz, and Twilight Waltz in the advanced class. All dances are taught by private tuition.