Members Area

Are you having 1 or more hours of private tuition per week?
Are you preparing to sit a Medal examination?
Are you attending regular advanced classes?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then you may be interested in your very own members area.

Members areas are low cost, personalised, pools of resources that contain information on the steps, sequences, explanations, tips & tricks, photos, and even movies of the dances you've been learning in class, or in private lessons.

Members areas are constructed after a short application process. Once your application has been approved a link to your password protected area will be inserted below. You will be able to access your area at any time from anywhere.

Subscription Fees

Members areas can be purchased week to week or on an annual basis. Pages are updated once a week. All updates are retained.

Weekly Subscriptions

Weekly subscriptions remain accessible for 10 days after the purchase date.

  • $5 per private lesson, or
  • $5 per person per class.

Annual Subscriptions

Annual subscriptions remain accessible for a full 12 month period after the purchase date.

  • $150 per individual or couple attending at least 1 hour of private tuition per week, or
  • $150 per person.

Example Members Area

Passwod: Long-Steps