What is Freestyle Jive?

Freestyle Jive (Modern Jive) developed throughout the United Kingdom in the early 1980s before being brought to Australia later that decade. The 1990s saw the dance style boom all around the world, with many variants and teaching styles being developed at the same time.

The dance style works with most music types, from the latest chart hits, through to blues, disco and even big band sounds; practically anything with four beats to a bar. The style also work in a wide variety of tempos from slow to very fast.

From a dance point of view the Freestyle Jive is quite eclectic.  Many Freestyle Jive moves have been developed, adapted, or even pinched from a wide range of other dance styles including West Coast Swing, Salsa, and Lindy Hop, to name a few.

With lots of “Leans”, “Seducers” and “Dips” to try, there is no end of styling potential, and with individual moves named such things as “Pretzels”, “Cleavers”, “Man Spin Cheats” and “Lady Spins”, there is no end of fun to be had.