The Carousel is a beautiful New Vogue sequence. With turns, shapes, changes of hold, and the carousel figure itself featuring at the heart of the dance, this is a popular intermediate level dance. The dance features no rotary chasses, and has a graceful progression through its figures. This allows dancers to immerse themselves in the feel of foxtrot and gradually stylize the dance with body shaping, and arm movements. The Carousel is a comfortable step up from the more entry level dances, and a great prelude into the more advanced routines.

Learn the Carousel at Long-Steps

We’ll take you through all the steps from scratch. This is an intermediate level dance so, some dance experience is advantageous. You do not need a partner to learn the dance, your instructor will dance through it with you.

Long-Steps currently teaches the Carousel periodically during our Beginner Classes, and by Private Tuition.

Long-Steps teaches the Carousel according to a combination of Russ Hesketh’s New Vogue Championship Dances (6th Ed.) and Neville Boyd’s New Vogue Sequence Dancing and the Viennese Waltz.

History of the Carousel

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Technical Details

Routine Length: 16 Bars
Time Signature: 4/4
Musical Selection: Foxtrot/Saunter
Tempo Range: 28 to 32 bars per minute.